Selling Terms

Zambian ARTS Store is the number one store and distributor of both digital books, media and hardcopy books in the country for local and internationally published writers. This page will give you an insight on how the process is done before you proceed to marketing and distributing your books or media with us.


Digital Written Materials (eBooks, Articles & Magazines)

Zambian ARTS Store offers you a platform on which you can increase your eBook sales or distributions. Your readers can easily buy or download your eBooks on this platform and make payments through bank cards or mobile money payments (debit/credit cards, Airtel, ZAMTEL Mobile Money).


How Much Is It To Put Up My eBooks On Zambian ARTS Store?

Zambian ARTS charges K250 for eBooks set-ups. These set-up fees are once off payments valid in perpetuity to the site’s existence. Your earnings will be accumulating for your viewing in your account which will be created after you submit your project. Please note that the site will deduct 5% on every sale made.


How Do I Track My Book Performance And Get The Money Made From Orders?

Once your project is approved, an account will be created for you. The account will give you access to your book performance analytics, withdraw options, editing and tracking orders functionality. In this account you will also be communicating with the site owners and be able to receive marketing skills, tips and many more. The product page will also be showing both you and the customers how the book is performing with total number of sales.


What Else Should I Know?

Please note that the site will NOT cover Bank or mobile transactions fees when sending money to you. Please check the mobile money transaction charges with your network providers for more information. Also,  know that it would take about 12 hours for a withdraw to be processed during week days, withdraws made on weekends would be processed on the first day of the week (Monday).


How about Free Books

Free eBooks will be set on the platform at a fee of K250.



Hardcopy Books

Zambian ARTS Store offers you a platform on which you can increase your hardcopy orders from your respective readers. People can make hardcopy orders on this site and only have you deliver the books to them. How? Once the order comes through, it will reflect in your account, showing you the customer’s address, name, phone number and email address. With those details you will them make a delivery of your book to them. Please note that Zambian ARTS Store will make further confirmation and contacts with your customer to ensure that they have received their books within a week. You will ONLY be able to withdraw funds from hardcopy orders upon book delivery to your customer to avoid customer inconvenience.


Who will cover book transit costs?

Customers are informed before they make orders, the author will not cover for delivery charges.


How Much Is It To Put Up My Hardcopy Book On Zambian ARTS Store?

Zambian ARTS Store will charge authors a once off payment of K300 to have their book (s) set up for public orders. Then the site will deduct 5% on every sale made.


How Do I Receive The Money From Hardcopy Orders Made?

All orders made will be reflecting in your author’s account, you can thus make withdraws from your authors’ account into your Mobile Money account or Bank.