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It’s easier said than done. Having your first book published can be one of the most challenging procedures than one can anticipate. Lucky for you, this blog is specifically written for you. To help and guide you step by step to having your first book properly published.

This blog will not tell you how to write your book, but by this time we will assume you have already written your book and just awaiting the publishing process. For a guide on how to write a marketable book stay tuned to our blogs. So let’s jump right into it.


Preparation Before Submission

Before you even embark on seeking a publisher you have to ensure that your manuscript is in good state, that you have exhausted your ideas and your objectives for writing that project.

Do your own review and proof-read to ensure that nothing is left out. At this stage you may also consider having your trusted colleague or friend read through your manuscript.


Working With A Publishing Firm

After you are satisfied with what you have written, then you may want to contract with publishing professionals to take your project to a much more professional level. You have to find a trusted and well pronounced publishing firm to work with. This is the most crucial stage seeing that today there are a lot of people claiming to be publishers without possessing what it takes to be one.

Publishers are firms that will propel your basic manuscript into something that the entire world could get to appreciate, for that, they have to be excellent. In Zambia, we recommend you contract with Zambian ARTS Publications as they are professional and affordable, they also have packages for first time writers and they offer free basic marketing offers for their authors.

Publishers will review your project and professionally advise if there is much more work to be done on the submitted manuscript. If the project is good enough, cost preparations will be prepared for you and once you approved these costs then you are good to go.

Publishers will take your manuscript through the following stages, publishing steps may vary from firm to firm but below is just a rough guide to give you an insight:

  1. Manuscript review
  2. Book cover concept development or review
  3. Manuscript approval for works
  4. Manuscript preparation for works
  5. Professional editing
  6. Beta procedure
  7. Formatting
  8. Review
  9. Proof-reading
  10. Review
  11. Cover Designing
  12. Review
  13. Officialization (ISBN, Barcodes)
  14. Review and proofing
  15. Sample printing
  16. Review
  17. Bulk printing


Reviewing & Approving Cover Designs

Contrary to popular opinions, books are judged by the look of their covers. Your cover needs to be attractive and message sending. You may have an idea of how you want your cover to look like, but your publishers may advise changes here and there. If you do not have an idea, it is the duty of the publisher to suggest one for you.

After the design, a design draft will be submitted to you for review. Take your time on it and give your publishers the feedback within the agreed time. Only proceed with the cover that you are comfortable with.


What You Need To Know

There are a number of things that you will need to know as you are working with any publishing firm. This will guide you to know what you expect from them. Here are some of the must know when you are publishing your book with any publisher:

Know the duration : It is important to know the exact or approximate duration of contractual works. This will guide you and help you to prepare both financially and in matters of announcements and advertisement plans. Ensure that your publishers state the timeline in which the works will be completed.

Costs: Make sure you know all your direct costs and services expected through out your entire contract. Also ensure to ONLY work under a contracted stated agreement.

Announcements: Do not make announcements before works are completed. To avoid any inconvenience, only make announcements when your project is ready and in your possession. Publishing firms like Zambian ARTS Publications will advise you when and how you can make your first announcements concerning your book.

Take reviews serious: Publishers will submit your manuscript and cover designs for review from time to time, ensure to review your projects thoroughly before permitting them to proceed.

Request for sample copies before bulk printing: After preparatory processes are done, request to have a sample of a hardcopy before printing in bulk. Use that copy to review the entire project. You can request two or three copies from your publishers. Please note that sample copies may be a little more expensive to print that all other copies.


What To Note Before Bulk Printing

By the time you are planning to bulk print you must have already;

  • Received your first sample copy
  • Reviewed your cover design
  • Reviewed your hardcopy sample

Ensure that you are satisfied with how your sample copies have come out. If you need further changes you are at liberty to notify your publisher at that.


Ensure to check our blogs for “How To Market Your First Book” post scheduled soon.


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