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Talent Vs. Skill (eBook)- Author: Bob Banda


Talent is your in-born (inbuilt) ability to do something without training or working hard for it. It’s your God-given power to accomplish something without prior preparation. Skill is the learned ability that anyone can develop. This calls for continuous practice towards improving the ability. 

Now download this amazing book for free and learn the secrets unveiled in this piece of amazingly and life changing material by Bob Banda.

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“The reason I was inspired to write this book is this: I have seen many people with talents who just naturally know how to do things. The geniuses! And I am one of them. I can sing, dance, rap, summersault, write songs and do stand-up comedy. I’m just that crazy and multitalented soul.”

2 reviews for Talent Vs. Skill (eBook)- Author: Bob Banda

  1. Chama Chama

    It was worth reading….

  2. Brian

    5 stars for this one

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