It’s Okay To Be Scared, But Do It Anyway!

By The Rhymatic POET


They say “Don’t let fear of what could happen, make nothing happen”. That being said, fear that comes from deep down your gut is inevitable and no matter what you do, you cannot ignore it. So befriend fear. Challenge fear. Give it a stare. And get over it.

In the same breath, it is fair to say, I am shit scared of things in life – starting from horror movies to almost everything that challenges me to get out of my comfort zone. So I figured, it is okay to be scared.


1. Your comfort zone

How I'm going out of my comfort zone | by Krzysztof ...

That cushiony life that we get so used to. The world outside is beautiful and like elders say, it is also quite frightful. Manipulative, lack of innocence and most of the times, lack of positivity. It is okay to be scared to get out of that comfort zones, be it your home or a job that you know everything about. The world outside is welcoming too. Like I always keep saying, if it makes a better version of you, you should still take that leap of faith beyond your fright. You would be a hero in your eyes.


2. Losing them

They are important, your friends. But when required, it is of utter importance to confront them and appear extremely vulnerable to them, to confront them. They are called friends for a reason. And it is okay to be scared of losing them. But confront, speak your mind – at the end of the day, you will not die tomorrow with regrets.


3. Failure and Limits

Come what may do not let fear run the show for you. You have limitations, I mean, the great power made you like that. But hey, life shapes you when you push your limits beyond the boundaries. True, you may be born with limitations, but if you choose to die with the limitations, that is your real failure. So go out, spread your wings, walk the woods, fall down and hit rock bottom, because what you will become will pick you up.


4. The past

Now, this is a crazy one and shit scary one. The past leaves a deep imprint on some corner of your brain which defines you and your thoughts. Don’t let it. Run towards fear and you will soon find it run away. Bury your past, forgive yourself, make new stories with maybe new fears – not every step of life will be the same. Be cautious, but be fearless.


5. Dream

Dream with your eyes open, please. Fail and get up, but don’t give up on dreaming. Ask for help, don’t be scared of getting turned down. But keep dreaming. Dreams will always exceed your skills (well mostly). And if it doesn’t, it is not big enough a dream. Move ahead, take steps, one at a time but move ahead – closer and closer towards your dream.

Feel your fear all the time. If not, it wouldn’t let you get bigger and better. It is okay to be scared, but do it anyway!



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