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  • Keeping Zambia Clean

    Martin Mulenga Writes: Apparently, general cleanliness of public places remains a challenge here in Zambia posing agreat risk to our health as citizens. However, history tells us that in 2007 the governmentlaunched the “keep Zambia clean and health campaign” which aimed at keeping ourenvironment clean in order to improve the health standard throughout the country.Unfortunately, […]

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  • Is Homosexuality A Crime In Zambia?

    The State Of Homosexuality In Zambia And Many Other African Countries Today:   With a lot of confusions and escalating cases and gossips about homosexuality in Zambia and many other countries, many people have decided to research more in order not to be misled on the topic. This article will help you understand the state [...] Continue Reading
  • Living Healthy

    By Dr. Mikiwe Chileshe   Nutrition is an important part of one’s health, not only for physical but also mental well-being, the body utilizes the nutrients availed to it to carry out the necessary functions. With the rise in the number of non-communicable diseases, it becomes even more important to not only eat because you […]

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