About Us

Our Company

Zambian ARTS store is a number one leading platform for the distribution, marketing and selling of both digital and physically published books and other media. Powered by Zambian ARTS Publications, Zambian ARTS has guaranteed authors and creative creators maximum returns on their products.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a platform where all local artistry can be appreciated, exposed and monetized for the benefit of local project owners.


At Zambian ARTS, we understand the amount of effort put in to have a final project, thus, we take it to heart to maximize returns for our authors and creative content creators. We achieve this through secured payment-distribution systems, effective exposure-marketing strategies and career-operating implemented procedures.

Our Operations

When was Zambian ARTS Founded?

Zambian ARTS was founded in 2021 by Jimmy Kayika in Zambia. The idea was solely founded on providing a platform where all forms of written and presented arts can be appreciated. Through Zambian ARTS Publications (our mother entity), Zambian ARTS has reached, published and distributed over 10,000 locally and internationally written and presented projects.

How can Zambian ARTS help me grow my writing career?

Zambian ARTS through Zambian ARTS Publications provides writers with very easy to access and cheaper plans where their projects can be published and distributed. We have worked with hundreds of first time writers who have grown to become national book award winning figures. If you have a book project and you do not know where to start from feel free to contact us on Facebook here or simply click here to WhatsApp us. You can also further email us via info@careclassrealesate.com or direct mobile text +260 976 796 297.

Is there a Zambian ARTS Community?

Join our Facebook community here and get updates.

How do I partner with Zambian ARTS?

You can now easily sell and distribute your projects with Zambian ARTS and reach millions of readers and followers. Start today by clicking here.

I still want to find out more

Don’t worry, further inquire via our contact us comer here.